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New Jersey’s Juvenile Waiver Reform and the Nexus Between Adolescent Development and Criminal Responsibility

By Ellen Torregrossa-O'Connor |   Oct. 20, 2015

My article entitled “New Jersey’s Juvenile Waiver Reform and the Nexus Between Adolescent Development and Criminal Responsibility” appears in the October 2015 edition of New Jersey Lawyer. It contains my discussion of the important recent changes to New Jersey's juvenile justice system. New Jersey Lawyer is the bimonthly publication of the New Jersey State Bar Association. Each issue focuses on a particular area of substantive law and this edition addresses the legal rights of juveniles. View the full article, here:

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CORPORATE EXECUTIVES IN THE CROSS-HAIRS: U.S Department of Justice Amps Up Quest for Individual Accountability for Corporate Misdeeds

By Ellen Torregrossa-O'Connor |   Sep. 22, 2015

This month, the United States Department of Justice issued an unambiguous directive to its army of white-collar prosecutors – hold individuals accountable. By publishing its “new” internal policies to the New York Times, it appears that the Justice Department is taking aim to shift increasing public perception that the government spares corporate executives regardless of the carnage left in the wake of their wrongdoing. Although many of the memo’s directives simply provide a re-boot of existing policies, some new measures are specifically designed to prevent culpable individuals from escaping the consequences of their corporate misconduct.

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Use of General Counsel as Informant Against Corporate Client – A Reminder of the New Era in Aggressive White Collar Investigative Techniques and of the Limitations of the Attorney-Client Privilege

By Ellen Torregrossa-O'Connor |   Mar. 27, 2015

The use of more aggressive investigative techniques in white-collar corporate probes in the aftermath of the last financial crisis is no secret. Over the last decade, law enforcement has increasingly resorted to investigating financial crimes through methods more typically reserved for ferreting out organized crime, terrorism, and drug cartels. Indeed, wiretaps and confidential informants have become regular weapons in the Government’s arsenal. The recent news, however, that a New Jersey District Court will now allow secret recordings made by a General Counsel of his conversations with the company’s CEO stands as a sobering reminder of the new era in the war against financial crime and of the boundaries of attorney- client confidentiality in the corporate setting.

The referenced case involves the former General Counsel of PetroTiger Ltd., who turned government informant and secretly recorded a conversation with Petro Tiger’s CEO during which the CEO allegedly acknowledged a scheme to bribe a foreign official in order to secure a lucrative business contract.

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Proposed New Jersey Legislation Seeks to Protect Privacy Interests in Motor Vehicle’s “Black Box” Data

By Ellen Torregrossa-O'Connor |   Nov. 18, 2014

In past investigations into automobile collisions, drivers often faced little challenge to their claims that they adhered to speed limits but somehow lost control of the car, that they applied their brakes but could not slow down in time, or that they steered to avoid animals who invariably left no footprints as they scampered away leaving twisted metal and carnage in their wake. In the absence of full scale accident reconstruction investigations, such assertions could not be scientifically proven or dispelled, and accident causation was often left to a battle of credibility between biased and fallible “eye-witnesses.” Times have changed. Few drivers realize that today, even when they are alone in their vehicles, they travel with an ever-present eyewitness to their driving – the car itself.

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