Proposed New Jersey Legislation Seeks to Protect Privacy Interests in Motor Vehicle’s “Black Box” Data

By Ellen Torregrossa-O'Connor |   Nov. 18, 2014

In past investigations into automobile collisions, drivers often faced little challenge to their claims that they adhered to speed limits but somehow lost control of the car, that they applied their brakes but could not slow down in time, or that they steered to avoid animals who invariably left no footprints as they scampered away leaving twisted metal and carnage in their wake. In the absence of full scale accident reconstruction investigations, such assertions could not be scientifically proven or dispelled, and accident causation was often left to a battle of credibility between biased and fallible “eye-witnesses.” Times have changed. Few drivers realize that today, even when they are alone in their vehicles, they travel with an ever-present eyewitness to their driving – the car itself.

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