Drive on a Suspended License Following a Conviction for Drunk Driving? Do not Pass Go…. Go Directly to Jail… Do not even think about rehab!

By John E. Hogan |   Oct. 27, 2014

In prior blog posts New Law Mandates Video Cameras in Police Vehicles and Mandatory Jail Under New Driving While Suspended Statue, we discussed changes in the law governing suspended drivers. This article expands that discussion by employing an hypothetical anecdote to provide context to the law. . .

An unassuming mother of two steps from her suburban New Jersey condo on a crisp Tuesday morning at 7:45 a.m. and quickly enters her nondescript minivan. She deftly fastens her safety belt and secures all electronic devices safely away to avoid even the temptation of a distraction. Hands on “ten and two”, she cautiously maintains her speed as close to the speed limit as the flow of traffic will allow and drives like her every move is being captured on one of those notorious red light cameras. Let there be no mistake, her operation is intentionally designed to avoid attention.

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BEWARE - Texting Someone You Know is Driving a Car May Make You Guilty of a Crime.

By Darren M. Gelber |   Sep. 9, 2013

A recent decision issued by the Superior Court, Appellate Division, Kubert v. Best, has garnered a fair degree of attention because of its clear impact on civil automobile accident litigation. In that case, the party who was injured in an automobile accident sought damages from those responsible for the accident. Not surprisingly, the driver of the other vehicle was sued, and in fact those claims were settled. What is remarkable about the case is that the plaintiff attempted to pursue another person named in the lawsuit, who was nowhere near the scene of the accident. The plaintiff attempted to hold the 17 year old female friend of the other driver responsible for his injuries. The 17 year old female was texting back and forth with her 18 year old friend, who was driving the other car that crashed into the plaintiff resulting in the plaintiff’s injuries.

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The George Zimmerman Trial - A New Jersey Perspective

By Darren M. Gelber |   Jul. 3, 2013

New Jersey residents who may be watching or reading published accounts of the ongoing trial of George Zimmerman in the State of Florida, who stands accused of the murder of Trayvon Martin, may be wondering how a similar case might be treated if it had occurred here in New Jersey.

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By Darren M. Gelber |   Nov. 13, 2012

The Monitor does not need a degree in meteorology to know that Storm Sandy (calling Sandy a Hurricane has certain adverse insurance coverage consequences) caused massive destruction in the Garden State, particularly along the coast. As we recover and rebuild, it bears noting that there are several potential categories of criminal conduct that law enforcement authorities and the courts are not likely to sympathize with if committed in Sandy's wake. Although no one should ever commit any crime, here are a few to definitely stay away from post-Sandy:

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