Michael Skakel new trial decision shows how New Jersey Supreme Court wrongly decided State v. Miller

By Darren M. Gelber |   Oct. 24, 2013

Yesterday, the Honorable Thomas Bishop, a sitting judge of the Superior Court of the State of Connecticut, issued a thoughtful, and comprehensive, 136 page opinion granting Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel a new trial on charges that he murdered Martha Moxley in 1975. In finding that Mr. Skakel's trial attorney had rendered constitutionally ineffective assistance to him sufficient to require a new trial, Judge Bishop offered these cogent observations:

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State v. Miller - New Jersey Supreme Court Gives Short Shrift to Right to Counsel

By Darren M. Gelber |   Oct. 7, 2013

No person, rich or poor, guilty or not guilty, should be forced to endure the rigors and risks of a criminal trial the very same day he is introduced to his attorney. No attorney can ever be prepared adequately to try a case without having first discussed the case with his client. Period. End of story. Our system should be better than that. It depends upon faith and confidence in the integrity of the system. In turn, the integrity of the system, and public perception of the integrity of the system, require that each accused has a competent attorney by his side.

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The George Zimmerman Trial - A New Jersey Perspective

By Darren M. Gelber |   Jul. 3, 2013

New Jersey residents who may be watching or reading published accounts of the ongoing trial of George Zimmerman in the State of Florida, who stands accused of the murder of Trayvon Martin, may be wondering how a similar case might be treated if it had occurred here in New Jersey.

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