Long Branch Advances New Flood Plan

Jan. 14, 2013 / by Lawrence F. Jacobs

Water Side HomesThe issuance of FEMA's advisory maps are already having a profound impact on development and redevelopment in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. As Long Branch moves to adopt FEMA's new advisory maps, other municipalities and state agencies are sure to follow suit.

We will continue to track the adoption of the advisory maps by local governments and by NJDEP, especially with regard to those projects already permitted and approved, those in the approval process, and those undergoing post-Sandy re-building.

We wonder whether NJDEP or the local municipalities can quickly reconcile their permitting programs to encourage compliance with the FEMA advisory maps without disrupting vested entitlements. Stay tuned.

For more details, please see this article on APP.com.

Topics: FEMA, Legislation, Long Branch, Hurricane Sandy, NJDEP, Redevelopment, Licensed Site Remediation Professional

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